Auction Software

Online auctions come in many different formats, the most popular being the ascending English auction, the descending Dutch auction or the reverse English auction. However, now they more and more often appear as a combination of multiple auctions, taking the elements of one auction type and merging them with the other's.

We provide a wide variety of auctions which will meet your individual needs and requirements.


Hybrid Dutch auction (Insider)

Also called the Combined auction based on the Dutch auction. It consists of three stages, each of which is a separate auction type itself: the Dutch auction, Sealed Bid and Best Price auctions.

Forward English auction

The most widely-known auction type is the English auction also known as the forward or ascending auction. The key feature of this auction type is the gradual increase in price for the item (goods or a service) that is put for sale by the auction organizer when the buyers bid in competition to purchase this item.

Reverse English auction

The principle of this auction type is, judging by its name, the opposite to the forward English auction.

Texas Auction

This type is well-suited for property lease or art auction. The bidding here starts with a price announced by the seller and lasts until there remains only 1 bidder willing to take the lot.